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November is upon us and the Mushroom season has begun! During the Mushroom season, you’ll find all kinds of mushrooms under the trees in your town. Skinny and round are just some of the types of mushroom to be found.

Speculation: In City Folk, the entire month of November was Mushroom season. There were five types of mushrooms: Elegant, Rare, Flat, Skinny, and Round. In addition, some of the mushrooms you picked up were actually Mushroom furniture. Based on this tweet, I’m thinking the season will be exactly the same in New Leaf but I guess we’ll know for sure soon.

Tweet Translation:

 Everyooone! Today marks the start of November! I found some mushrooms growing when I was taking a stroll this morning! Skinny mushrooms, round mushrooms, there are a lot of different kinds, but when it comes to fall, you want to be sure and eat an aromatic elegant mushroom too, right? Though their price can be pretty high…!

Editor’s Note: The official Animal Crossing 3DS Twitter account (@doubutsuno_mori) is tweeting new information and screenshots daily! We’ll be posting any new screenshots that come from these onto the Blog. Translations by Sumwheat.

  • Jenn

    I love the cat in the luchador mask. Just one week left until the Japan release!

  • Madchair

    Oh good, for a moment I thought it was some kind of cheerful pimp mask.

  • Madchair


  • Jonathan

    It’s funny how they will get the game before we even have a release date .. -_-

  • Yuki

    OOOOO I love collecting mushroom I wonder will there be new ones

  • Sam

    No! That’s not a mask, thats Stinky from GCN! Yay!! :D